Integrated Health Care Management System

Healthcare organizations today need an efficient management system integrating and organizing information from all departments, making it available in the formats required for the functional roles of the employees. In short, a Total Solution to enhance workflow in all departments, and manage the entire gamut of activities. iCureHealth Integrated Healthcare Management System does just this. And much more…

The Concept
iCureHealth concept was developed in response to the overwhelming need to streamline the processes of healthcare organizations. Empowered by 200 staff years of research, iCureHealth makes the paperless establishment a reality, giving you a tangible competitive edge. It allows integration of your Hospital Management System with the Internet, allowing information from visits to the Hospital to be browsed through Web Logins.

The Modules
iCureHealth lets you concentrate on your core activity, practice of Medicine. Its modules have been stringently designed to enable instantaneous retrieval of relevant information. Clinical and business decision-making is greatly simplified with a perceptible increase of quality of care. Credibility and personalized touch are added to the service with the Patient Reminder feature. The end result – increased profitability..

Clinical Module

Doctor Schedules – User-friendly forms where doctor registration details and appointments are made and modified. Comprehensive set of features to help make appointment scheduling and planning tasks easier.

Patient Care Charting – This takes care of every stage of patient handling from admission to discharge, covering diverse aspects such as personal information, referrals, complaint, diagnosis, prescriptions, vitals, lab tests, patient progress charts, nurse drug chart, materials utilized and discharge summary.

Patient Accounting – This is an integrated billing and accounts sub-module that generates receivable reports, for both in-patients and out-patients. Besides, it handles bed allocation with instantaneous on-line status reports on room occupancy.

Materials Management – This is a purchasing and inventory system that deals with vendor management, price hunting and stock reports.

Health Administration at your finger tips!